About Anime Pop

The Show:  Anime Pop with Stephanie Yanez is a new online show about everything that has to do with Anime/Japanese pop culture in the United States and its influence in art, fashion, music, food and lifestyle.   

HOST STEPHANIE YANEZ: Discovering music at the age of 5, Stephanie Yanez was born to sing. Her love for music eventually led her to record four songs at PARAMOUNT STUDIOS on Geneon’s Anime Karaoke Collection with three of those songs recorded with overseas Japan-based record label I’VE, known for their singer Kotoko. This CD also includes the song that she won at Anime Expo’s AX Idol 2004 “Ningyo Hime” from the top anime series Chobits! You can purchase ANIME KARAOKE COLLECTION at all MAJOR RECORD STORES (Sun Coast, Fry’s, Kinokuniya ,etc).

Since her debut at ANIME EXPO 2005, she has been seen across the country, performing at many different Japanese Events, Anime Conventions, and Music Venues. She even went to Japan to have a live performance in HARAJUKU! She has opened up for overseas Japanese artists YOUSEI TEIKOKU and KOTOKO. And has now opened up for Major Record Label Artist NIKKA COSTA at The COACH HOUSE in San Juan Capistrano!

Stephanie has worked with the popular anime company Broccoli. She was involved with the voice acting/singing group DUP USA (Di Gi Charat) as the character RABI EN ROSE.

She has also worked with guitarist FULL METAL NINJA of RANDOM NINJAS on the Collaboration SLY. SLY is a unique blend of hard rock, captivating melodies, and wailing guitar solos offering an enchanting, new, and powerful sound. You can purchase all of SLY’s original music in Japanese and English on their myspace:WWW.MYSPACE.COM/FULLMETALSLY

And has now also worked with anime remixer DJ JINNAI where they created an original theme song titled BIG STARRY EYES for the LAS VEGAS anime convention Chibifest. He has also produced tracks for her live shows of famous anime songs like Sailor Moon, Chobits, and Cutey Honey!

She has collaborated with many anime artists like THE SHOGUNATE, SAILOR JAMBOREE, MAJA, ANIME MYU, and RANDOM NINJAS.  


Anime Pop is created and produced by Cartoon Mogul / Anime Mogul Entertainment in association with White Label Media.


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