Nana Concert


Candy Coated Panic Attack Music Video

Video made by: Bunta Mike

I was invited to open up for Major Record Label Artist Nikka Costa at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano.

The song I am performing in this clip was specifically written for the show.
The NEW song is called Princess Complex 00.

I just wanted to say it was an honor to open up for such an amazing artist! A BIG THANK YOU to Christopher Bright, Daniel Powell, and Rory Carruthers! This was a crazy but great two weeks! This all happened because of you guys! It was a great memory I will always cherish!

I also wanted to thank everyone that came out to support me for this show! This was a big deal for me and it really meant a lot that you all came out! THANK YOU! SERIOUSLY THANK YOU!




  1. 1st to Comment yes LoL ^_^.hey steph awsome singing u rock u like became an idol to me ..Ur sooooooooo HoOooOT XD…nd loving the show on anime select on demand more pls

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